WAYS OF SEEING is a educational project created by the artist Eleonore Pironneau. Aware of the importance of understanding how visuals work and the need for space to express one's creativity, she developed a pedagogy to provide specialised information about image to a non-specialised audience and to foster artistic expression. Her method includes workshops and/or lectures in English or French, in person or online.
WAYS OF SEEING est un projet pédagogique créé par l'artiste Eléonore Pironneau. Consciente de l'importance de comprendre le fonctionnement du visuel et pour chacun d'avoir des espaces d'expression pour sa créativité, elle a développé une pédagogie qui apporte à une audience non-spécialisée des informations de spécialiste sur l'image ainsi que des techniques pour développer une expression artistique. Sa méthode propose des ateliers et/ou des conférences en anglais ou en français, en présentiel ou en ligne.

Either at her London studio, at client's venues or online , Eleonore can provide workshops and classes on such subjects as:
- Deepening your understanding and practice of visual composition (visual communication and art)
- Basis in visual semiotics: how messages are encoded in images and artworks (visual communication and art)
- How to look and interpret artworks
- Exploring a project through visual enquiry, creative mind-mapping and collage
- Developing self-knowledge, exploring emotions, feelings and inner resources through collage practice.

Eleonore will happily provide references from past or current clients: schools and universities, companies and individuals.



All welcome, beginners, medium or advanced participants. We provide space, materials and expert guidance for you to explore ideas, learn about the mechanics of visual arts and create beautiful artworks that you take home with you.
This is time well spent in a friendly and creative atmosphere, a nourishing bubble of calm in the heart of bustling Brixton.

–We use collage technique because it allows you to create sophisticated compositions without the long training needed for drawing and painting.

See examples of the  participants artworks and testimonials on https://www.facebook.com/WaysOfSeeingEducation/

On saturday once a month
£70 materials included / Special price one parent and one teenager £50 each (£100 for two instead of £140) - Students £55

Collage studio every Tuesday evening (Subject to availability / booking essential)
One workshop £25, series of 4 workshops £80
mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: Due to Eleonore's program of shows and residencies the workshops and collage studio are put on hold until October 2020.
Don't hesitate to contact us for for more information or register your interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We offer bespoke workshops or lectures for the corporate environment, enhancing creativity, communication at work, or providing education about visual communication and art.
Nous proposons des ateliers ou conférences dans le cadre corporate afin de développer la créativité, la communication au travail, et apporter une éducation au langage visuel de la communication ou de l'art.

– Recent workshop for Visa Inc. involved organising a team building event in close collaboration with the client.
Members of the staff from various teams gathered by groups of 4 at the company's offices in London.
After a short guided enquiry and discussion about the theme of "Trust" the groups created group collages on the selected theme.
Information, documentation, testimonials and references on request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




A series of bespoke online training addressed to the corporate environment, students or art amateurs. All level, in English or French.
Une série de cours en ligne sur mesure pour le milieu corporate, les étudiants ou les amateurs d'art. Tout niveaux, en anglais ou en français.
Information on request at
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In a world dominated by image and visual communication it is increasingly important to be visually litterate. In a series of online classes we give the audience tools to decode and assess visual communication (advertisment, photography, logo).
We also offer online introductory classes to artwork appreciation and interpretation based on basic semiology and Eleonore's wealth of experience as an artist.

We will address questions such as : how is this visual composition or artwork delivering its messages? How can I relate with this artwork? How to understand modern and contemporary art specific language and codes?

Dans un monde dominé par l'image et la communication visuelle il est de plus en plus important de connaître le langage de l'image. Dans cette série de cours en ligne nous apportons des outils pour décoder et évaluer les visuels de communication (publicité, photographie, logo). Nous proposons aussi des cours d'appréciation et d'interprétation de l'œuvre d'art basés sur une approche sémiologique et la richesse de l'expérience d'Eléonore en tant qu'artiste. Nous explorerons des questions telles que : comment cette composition visuelle ou œuvre d'art délivre-t-elle son messge ? Comment entrer en relation avec cette œuvre ? Comment comprendre le langage et les codes spécifiques des œuvres modernes et contemporaines ?




One to one or in small groups, Eléonore Pironneau is happy to share her teaching experience and method with therapists and educators to help them develop their tools and expand their skills to best support their clients.
Collage practice as practiced in our workshops is naturally healing as it provides space for often unexpressed subtle feelings or desires to find a route to consciousness. During our workshops our participants explore and feel into their own strength and inner resources thanks to a short enquiry and the creative expression in which can emerge intuitions and non verbal responses. In English or French. Preferably in person.

En session individuelle ou petits groupes, Eléonore Pironneau, est heureuse de partager son expérience et sa méthode pédagogique avec des thérapeutes et éducateurs afin de les aider à développer leurs outils de soutien à leur clients.
La pratique du collage telle que nous la pratiquons dans nos ateliers est naturellement guérissante. Elle donne de l'espace à des sentiments ou désirs subtils et non exprimés qui peuvent trouver leur chemin vers la conscience. Pendant nos workshops nos participants sont encouragés à explorer et ressentir leur propre force et ressources intérieures grace à une reflexion guidée puis à l'expression créative qui laisse émerger des intuitions et des réponses non verbales. En anglais ou en français.
En présentiel de préférence. Information on request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.