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An installation by Eleonore Pironneau whose paintings were used as musical scores and inspired some well-known musicians to create music pieces from them – they are : Anne B, Martyn Barker, Antonio Forcione, Jerry Granelli, Sarah Jane Morris, Santiago Mantas, Ramuntcho Matta, Lola Perrin, Tony Remy, Martin A Smith

The expression ‘CHANGE OF SIGNATURE’ is borrowed from musical language and refers to the transposition of a melody from one key to another. However, in the context of this project, it is used to evoke the appropriation and translation of a piece of visual artwork by a musician.

This is the proposal of the artist, Eleonore Pironneau: to invite musicians, composers and sound designers to transpose her paintings into their own musical language, to create an original and unique joint work, signed and submitted by both artists.

The paintings to be used in this project come from Pironneau’s series of intimate small formats which present a world of floating forms. What they signify is left open and resonating, and their atmosphere is particularly musical. Even though they could be read as evoking the world of sensation, of the psyche or of the organic world, for Pironneau, they also evoke sound. The artist has established a vocabulary of visual forms that she uses as a poetic language to suggest music.

Each musician chooses one of these pictorial composition and is invited to engage and interact with it in the form of a short sound work, using some or all the elements of the visual composition as a basis for their own. Apart from this constraint, they are given free rein.

The installation itself offers an unusual relationship with the artwork, asking the viewer to look and listen with equal attention. Placed in a comfortable position and protected from any outside sensation, the viewer is in a perfect condition to be able to stay several minutes in intimate contact with each piece and thus has the possibility of being invaded by the sensations, reflections and/or emotions it evokes.



• 7mn film produced by our sponsor Focal, with interviews and participation of Lola Perrin and Antonio Forcione. Production: Focal / Sebastien Dumas. Filmed by Mathieu Petetin.
• 4mn video produced and directed by PHD student at Goldsmith University, Nela Milic:


NOISE & whispers

The collaborative piece between Martin A Smith and Eléonore Pironneau was shown during this group exhibition including more than 30 sound artists. 8 November-14 December 2013 - GV Art Gallery, 49 Chiltern Street, Marylebone, London W1U 6LY

LAUNCH was 8th to 12th of May 2013
at TESTBED1, Battersea
As part of the Wandsworth Art Festival

We thank our sponsor Focal, who kindly provided 20 Spirit One audiophile headphones and produced a 7mn film on the project.



Change of Signature is supported by Wandsworth Council, Bicha Gallery, Dyson Art Framing and TESTBED1.


Martyn Barker
Percussionist and composer, Martyn Barker has recorded with World Party, King Swamp, Ethan Johns, Sarah Jane Morris, Joseph Arthur, Alain Bashung, Dominique Ane, Juliette Greco, Khaled, Salif Keita,Ray Davies, Nizlopi, Pauline Croze, Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry; he has performed with Marianne Faithful, Justin Adams, Robert Plant, and many others.

Anne B
Anne B is a French singer and composer, who has spent the last 6 years in London where she has started singing under her own name. She recorded a mini album, "Outremanche", for which she received the prize "French talent of the year" in 2009. She toured in the UK and opened for French artist Tété et Féfé at the French Institute. She played in Hyde Park for the Exhibition Road Music Day in June 2012 just before coming back in France.
Anne B is currently working with English songwriter Duncan Steer on a musical project called " the French pop dream" , first single with 3 songs will be launch in Great Britain in April 2013.

Antonio Forcione
Award winning guitarist-composer Antonio Forcione has shared the stage worldwide with some of the world’s most accomplished musicians including Martin Taylor, Biréli Lagrène, Trilok Gurtu, Barnie Kessel, Rossana Casale, Adriano Adewale, Andy Sheppard, Jason Rebello, Chano Dominguez, Soweto Gospel Choir, Larry Coryell, Sarah Jane Morris, Dominic Miller and many more; double-billing with artists such as John McLaughlin, John Schoffield and Leo Kotke.
He breaks the mould of most conventional, popular guitar sounds, be it in the field of jazz, Spanish, African, Brazilian or improvised music.
His 17 albums have variously topped UK and international jazz charts. He has also recorded a duo album with Charlie Haden and just released his last album Sketches of Africa.

Jerry Granelli
Drummer/Composer/Professor/Sound Painter Jerry Granelli has enjoyed an incomparable career in music. The winner of the last NEA Grant awarded ascended from playing with the great pianist Vince Guaraldi while simultaneously exploring Free Jazz on San Francisco’s thriving after hours sets in the early `60s to establishing academic arts curriculums to perpetuate alternative musical forms such as Spontaneous Composition in the present. A pioneer of `60s psychedelic sounds, a sideman on a Top 5 pop hit and a session musician for Sly Stone, Jerry has also played with such artists as Jimmy Witherspoon, Mose Allison, Bill Evans, Lou Rawls, John Handy, Sonny Stitt, Ornette Coleman, the Grateful Dead, etc. Granelli is a forward thinking master in the art of music. Since the late `80s, he has recorded over 20 albums as a leader and/or soloist…in jazz and the indefinable beyond.
Granelli has long enjoyed painting. “I started painting in the late `60s,” he shares. “Fred Marshall was an artist. He’d make a charcoal drawing then ask, ‘Can you play that?’ So I started. I can tell when I’m about to write music because I start painting…Peter Voulkos was a great American potter who made bronze sculptures like the one in front of the Hall of Justice in San Francisco in the early `70s. I would play them. Later in the `90s, a blacksmith named John Little created sound sculptures –beautiful structures yet make with musical intent. I did a record playing them called Iron Sky.”

Santiago Mantas
Santiago Mantas was born in London and began composing piano pieces, orchestral and chamber music at the age of ten. He studied at London's Trinity College of Music, the Cologne Hochschule and the Vienna Academy.
His compositions are frequently performed worldwide and are internationally used for feature films, documentaries and advertisements. His recent commission for production music from Studio G was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
As pianist and conductor, he performs his own works at concerts and music festivals.

Ramuntcho Matta
Ramuntcho Matta practices sound, video and drawing.
He composed 23 solo albums, worked on 20 other CDs in jazz, rock, experimental music, underground and world music. Son of the chilean painter Roberto Matta, Ramuntcho has an intimate understanding of art, and the relationship between visual art and music. He has worked, amidst others, with Brion Gysin, Don Cherry, Chris Marker, Robert Wilson… His researches revolve around concepts such as doubt and chance, instinct and creation, trace and transmission.
Ramuntcho has created two centres devoted to research, production and exhibition in the fields of visual art and sound / music: SometimeStudios, in the Marais, Paris, and Lizières at 80km from Paris.

Sarah Jane Morris
Sarah Jane Morris is an accomplished writer, composer and performer. Famed for her association with the Communards in the mid-80s she has always attracted as much attention for her politics as for her
soul-driven, seismic voice. Twelve solo albums later, pop stardom on the continent, and a diverse set of musical collaborations on record, film and stage, Morris continues to steer her unorthodox career to greater heights.
She regularly plays and collaborate with Dominic Miller (Sting), Tony Remy (Annie Lenox), Martyn Barker (Alain Bashung, Marianne Faithful), Marc Ribot (Tom Waits), Ian Shaw, Antonio Forcione, etc.
In 2008 Sarah Jane played Mere Ubu at Queen Elizabeth Hall to David Thomas's Pere Ubu in the opera Bring me the head of Ubu Roi. Sarah Jane recently recorded an album with 14 cellos in Rome, as a collaboration with Enrico Melozzi, performed in Novembre 2012 at the Purcell Room, South Bank Centre.

Lola Perrin
Composer, pianist, publisher, contributor to International Piano magazine, blogger, Composer/Teacher in Residence Markson Pianos, creator of the Lola Perrin Naim Audio Piano Competition.
Played live and been interviewed on radio including Jazz Line Up, Science Matters local BBC, appeared at First International Conference of Minimalism in Music. Extensively performed her 8 piano suites, miscellaneous works for solo, and multiple pianos. Silent film scores: the Birds Eye View Festival commissioned score for Victor Sjöström's 'The Wind' won Silent London's Best Silent Film Soundtrack.
Piano works have been taken up by students at Conservatoire Chopin Paris, University of Wolverhampton, LCCM, University of Frankfurt. "Her Sisters' Notebook" (for ten bass clarinets) using fragments from Kassia and created from the structure in David Oates' painting Kiss 19, commissioned by Sarah Watts, premiered at Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival. Kevin Robert Orr (USA) added Perrin's Piano Suite V to his repertoire, performed in Slovenia July 2012. Collaborators include Mihir Bose, Sue Hubbard.

Tony Rémy
Tony Remy is a guitarist of caribbean origin, born in the UK. His musical experience spans across many genres. Most noted for his ability to effortlessly glide from subtle acoustic tones to aggressive commanding rock. Tony's credits include writing the movie scores for the film Passion of Remembrance directed by Isaac Julian, the documentary Looking for Langston, the main theme for BBC series Baby Father, and the score for the film Career Girls directed by Mike Leigh.
He has worked and recorded with many diverse artists namely: Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley, The Jazz Crusaders, Steps Ahead, Courtney Pine, Annie Lennox, Herbie Hancock, Craig David, Tom Jones. Plus many more. Tony is currently finishing his 7th solo album entitled In the Middle of Before and After.

Martin A Smith
Composer and sound artist whose work is concerned with the creation of atmosphere, creating environments through subtle and harmonious changes.
He has created sound installations for The Royal Borough Of Kensington and Chelsea, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The British Council, GV Art Gallery, SoundFjord, the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, The English Folk Dance And Song Society, Cinetrip in Budapest and The Museum Of Domestic Design And Architecture amongst others and has performed live at many venues in Britain and Europe.
He has written the music for film, television, theatre and contemporary dance, and has recently completed the sound track for the documentary Utopia London. He is currently working on a series of portraits in sound.