My artistic roots are mainly to be found in European Art, especially the 50 year period from the 20’s to the 70’s. Artists such as Paul Klee led me to inform my pieces with long periods of research and to experiment with using Form as a language. The concept of painting being a translation of feelings and spiritual insights has also strongly defined my work. I like to explore the edges where different forms and mediums interact, and where much creative energy can be found and released.

My latest work plays with all these creative forces, presenting a world of evocative, reverberating forms, that can be interpreted on many levels. Of course, the pieces have a visual presence but can also be seen as representing the play of shadow and light in the psyche. The forms that emerge are only just formed: the feeling of a feeling, an imprecise thought tinted by the colour of an emotion, not yet a content, a full sensation… These informal forms could just as well be sounds – sounds emerging from background melodies, basso continuo, beats or the darkness of silence.

I ceaselessly contemplate the notion of Form, its birth, its death, where it is coming from the returning to, I see the ever changing chaotic mind as moving patterns, I see the dramas of our lives as form and colour....... the beauty of the moment viewed and felt from a still consciousness is what continually inspires me.

Eleonore Pironneau
London, 15 October 2012