Eléonore Pironneau holds a masters from l'ENSAD Paris in Painting. In the last 20 years she has been living and working in London, as a visual artist as well as a part time free lance graphic designer and lecturer.

Teaching experience

• 1993 Goethe Institute / Art theory
I taught alongside another lecturer the art theory part of a course about the Bauhaus.

• 1993-97 Le Langage des Formes / Paris
I created workshops where I was teaching the language of form a "non specialised audience", through lectures and painting or collage exercises.  

• 1994-95  Lecture de l'image / Sub de Pub Paris

• 1995-98  Esthétique de la communication / Le Celsa-Paris Sorbonne
I was teaching MA adult students a class about visual semiotics based of the analysis of art and advertising images, including the study of the relationship between linguistic and visual messages, through lectures and creative exercises. 

 1999-2002 Courses in QuarkXPress, Photoshop and Illustrator + introduction to design
Adult education, North London and formation to employees of a Prepress Bureau  

•    2015  Art and Humanities in Midwifery Pratice / King's College London
Students were studying the impact of art, literature and popular media on midwifery practice including the ways in which the arts and humanities can facilitate the social, cultural and political context of maternity care. I provided a course of creative skills and image analysis based on my own work to help them in their final assessment.

•  2016   A painting, a pint and a pie / Open Ealing
Lectures and discussion with a non specialised audience where I would analyse one work of art per session.

2017-current  Semiotic analysis of communication visuals / ECS-IEJ London
A series of classes for BA (Communication) and MA (Luxury marketing) students.

2014-current   Lecture d'une œuvre / L'ECHO Magazine
Articles published in every issue of l'ECHO Magazine, a french magazine published in London.
I choose a work of art in a current exhibition, and guide the reader into different depth of interpretation of that artwork. (In french, although some articles have been translated in english –See the section Writing on this website for examples)

2017-current  Creativity in Business and advertisment analysis / INSEEC London Campus
This course for Business BA Students consists in an introduction to visual language and image analysis, followed by a creative approach to their start-up project. The students are taken to Tate Modern with a tutorial and asked to draw correspondances between artworks and their own project. They are introduced to visual communication and guided into drafting their own visual communication and corporate narrative.