The Rub of time

The Rub of Time # 007

The Rub of Time # 007

Giclée Print on Hahnemuhle paper
Framed size: 950x1350mm or 720x1000mm

One day, as I was experimenting with paint, looking for a certain type of form – round, organic – I decided to test the imprints of a latex balloon dipped in paint and dry pigments. The process felt reminiscent of a calligraphic gesture, but one in which the brush is replaced by a semi-inflated balloon. As the balloon left a trace of paint on the paper, it was itself imprinted. Needing to work fast while the paint was wet, I left the balloon to one side and forgot about it. As I repeated this process I began to notice the beauty of the balloons themselves. As they slowly deflate and the pigments condense on their surface the balloons reach a moment of extraordinary beauty which I started to record.

Balloons are usually associated with the lightness and happiness of childhood parties but here yield images of tragic beauty, offering connotations from the embryonic sac to the carcass. Their naked and wrinkled skins mirror our mortal condition. What was meant to fly is humbled by gravity. Scaling up these small objects to large format prints gives this ambiguity and pathos an unavoidable presence.

This is a series of around 20 photographs.
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