Eleonore Pironneau approaches painting in a spirit of experimentation. What she seeks is the meeting of process and concept so that the work finds itself in this synchronicity.

It is by balancing control and absence of control in her techniques that she creates polysemic forms which lend themselves to a spectrum of interpretation, leading not to a message, but to an ambiguity.

The forms she creates offer themselves to projection, in the different acceptation of the word. They are undefined enough, yet defined. Her tools are also the centre of her attention when she records their fate in a series of photographs.

Originally trained as a painter, but fascinated by the study of semiotics, Eleonore Pironneau blurs the boundaries between artistic systems of signs: painting, photography, collage, music and installation. The work, thus eluding the solidity of categories and interpretation, encourages us to renounce labels. It invites us beyond language into a world where the skin of the work is leading into the depth of feeling.