Originally trained as a painter and fascinated by the study of semiotics, Eleonore Pironneau blurs the boundaries between artistic systems of signs: painting, photography, collage, music, text and installation.

Her subjects refer to the human condition or autorefer to the art language. Some of her insterests are: the emergence of form and life, the spiritual essence and the body, skin, ageing, human feelings, the mind and the subconscious. She evokes these themes indirectly through visual metaphors, evocative atmospheres or a specific use of the light.

Her work method is to approach things in a spirit of experimentation, intuitively looking for the meeting of process and concept. When this happens she finds that the work springs from a place where paradoxes are embraced, and that the resulting artworks benefit from a satisfying balance between feeling and concept.

She considers that sharing her experience of creativity and her knowledge of art and culture is an integral part of her responsibilities as an artist, and thus created an educational project called Ways of Seeing®. See details on the page devoted to the project on this site.