Originally trained as a painter and fascinated by the study of semiotics, Eleonore Pironneau blurs the boundaries between artistic systems of signs: painting, photography, collage, music, text and installation.

Treating the visual as one language in a relationship with other artistic languages, her work engages with the human condition: alluding to the emergence of form and life forms, the weight of the subconscious and possibility of inner freedom. Ultimately, her work attempts to evoke our spiritual essence through the physical limits of body and skin.

All this is approached in a spirit of experimentation. Pironneau has suggested that, intuitively looking for the meeting of process and concept, the work springs from a place where paradoxes are embraced and a deeper resonance can pervade the conceptual plan.

Pironneau considers sharing her experience of creativity and her knowledge of art and culture as an integral part of her responsibility as an artist. She teaches the "art of looking" through articles (in her bi-monthly column "Lecture d'une œuvre" in l'Echo Magazine) and various specifically created classes and lectures (through the group events she organises at Ways of Seeing®).


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