Originally trained as a painter, but fascinated by the study of semiotics, Eleonore Pironneau blurs the boundaries between artistic systems of signs: painting, photography, collage, music, text and installation. She approaches her work in a spirit of experimentation, looking for the meeting of process and concept. When this happens the meaning of the work springs from a deeper place than the mind, a place where paradoxes are embraced, where feeling and concept coexist.

Recent works include a series of pieces made from painted elements assembled and collaged. "Articulation" refers to an absurd visual language, elements of vocabulary being articulated through an invented syntax to make no sense at all...

Her recent photographs, "I'm free!" series, although not traditional portraiture, evoke typical human feelings of inner struggles. But the constrained balloons photographs tell about sovereignty. When in difficulty, the quest for freedom is bound to begun with accepting limitation. New explorations of this series of work involve painting and writing on the black and white prints.

Recent paintings include Portrait of imaginary sculpture (2018). The light is the subject of these dark pieces, this same light which defines volumes and allow the shapes to appear. The process which lead to the final pieces is indeed concerned with the emergence of the form out of shadow which naturally brings to some of these paintings a feel of spiritism or ritualistic pratice.